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REBEL is a tattoo and piercing studio combined with an alternative clothing boutique based in Hessle, East Yorkshire.


Our tattoo artist Lotsey does a range of work from custom design tattoos through to cover up tattoos. He works in a range of different styles. His work includes superhero and villain tattoos, memorial tattoos, floral tattoos, dream catcher tattoos, animal tattoos, and religious tattoos. You can see examples of his work on our tattoos page.

If you would like to discuss your tattoo ideas / designs with Lotsey the best thing to do is pop in to the shop, but we recommend calling first to make sure he is available. You can also call or email us to chat about what tattoo designs you have in mind (scroll down for our contact information).

REBEL is the only tattoo studio in Hessle, East Yorkshire.  

Body Piercing

Our piercer Caroline is a former nurse, and so as can be expected her piercing practice, knowledge and cleanliness is of the highest standard. She is frequently available for walk-in piercing appointments.
Examples of her body piercing work can be viewed on our body piercing page.

We also sell a range of piercing jewellery, some of which can also be viewed on our body piercing page. We are constantly getting new piercing jewellery in so be sure to pop in to the shop to see what’s currently available.

REBEL is the only body piercing studio in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

Alternative Clothing Boutique

We call ourselves an alternative clothing boutique, because we like to think that this encompasses a range of wacky and wonderful styles! We sell punk clothing, hippy clothing and goth clothing… but really we don’t like assigning labels to all of you REBELs out there! Our motto is “if you’re going to REBEL.. do it with purpose!”

To see some of the clothing available go to our womens clothing and mens clothing pages. We are constantly getting new clothing in so be sure to pop in to the shop see what’s currently available.

REBEL is the only alternative clothing boutique in Hessle, East Yorkshire.

21 Prestongate, Hessle, HU13 0RD
t:01482 641 266